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Corpus Christi Church Releases Schedule for 37th Annual Dożynki Polish Harvest Fest


Here is the schedule for our 37th Dożynki Polish Harvest Festival at Corpus Christi Church on September 24 and 25. Please share with and invite your friends and family! It’s one of Corpus Christi’s biggest fundraisers for the year. Saturday, September…
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“Buffalonia” event to Benefit Matt Urban Center


Buffalonia is a celebration of our great city, its heritage and the great work that is accomplished when all members of the community come together to fill a need. This fund-raising event will help support the programs and initiatives offered…
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Photos: Saint Ann’s and Broadway from Early 1960s and Now

Saint Ann's Church and Shrine early 1960s

These are pictures of Saint Ann’s and Broadway from the early 1960s and now. As you can see by the photo from 1960s, this was before a 1964 windstorm that caused the capping of both of Saint Ann’s spires. The…
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Interview: Update on Bison Distillery with Glenn Kasprzyk


Brothers Ray and Glenn Kasprzyk are working hard on preparing the old Chudy Paper Company warehouse on Lombard Street to become Bison Distillery. They purchased the building 2014, and are hoping to be up and running within the next year. I recently reached…
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St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy 22nd Anniversary Mass and Celebration


St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy is hosting a Mass and celebration for their 22nd Anniversary on Sunday, July 31st, 2016. Established in 1994 after St. Luke’s R.C. church closed, St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy serves the poor in East Buffalo….
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Discover Western New York’s Polonia Trail


The Polonia Trail is dedicated to showcasing important historic sites throughout Western New York that have significance to the Polish American Community. The rail enables individuals to physically or virtually explore architecture, clubs, meetinghouse, churches, cemeteries, and other places that figured…
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Buffalo News: Central Terminal is given a temporary face-lift, thanks to “Marshall” crew

The movie company behind the movie “Marshall” had its crew work on giving parts of the Central Terminal a face-lift. Though only temporary, it’s good news for the Terminal and the neighborhood. The face-lift will help attract more events to…
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Cruise Into The Past Car Show at the Central Terminal this Saturday


The annual ‘Cruise Into The Past’ classic and custom car show is this Saturday (06/25/82016) at the Central Terminal from 11am to 4pm. Cool cars at Buffalo’s coolest building is a win for everyone! There will be food, beverages, and…
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These Churches

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Here is something I posted this morning on BFA’s Facebook page. It’s about the historic heritage churches in East Buffalo. They need our help.

Hoophouse Raising Party at Common Roots Farm on June 25th


The Common Roots Urban Farm at Peckham and Coit Streets in the neighborhood will be hosting a Hoophouse Raising Party on Saturday, June 25th, 2016 from 9am-5pm. From the farm’s Facebook page: After much anticipation the hoophouse for Common Roots Urban…
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Second Sundays in East Buffalo’s Historic Polonia, Come to Church


Want an easy way to help out a church in the neighborhood? Good. What you need to do is get in the habit of coming to church in East Buffalo’s Historic Polonia at least once a month.  Broadway Fillmore Alive put…
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Video: Filming of Marshall Gives a Boost to Buffalo Central Terminal


And more good news for the Central Terminal today. The building is receiving some improvements from filmmakers behind the movie “Marshall’ being shot at sites in and around Buffalo and Western New York. From WGRZ: Filmmakers are spending $70,000 on…
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