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Bulletins – Saint Stan’s, Corpus Christi & Saint John Kanty – 11/23/2014


Here are the latest bulletins from Saint Stan’s, Saint John Kanty and Corpus Christi churches. Each bulletin is in PDF format and click on the church’s name below to view. Saint Saint Stan’s—> Saint John Kanty—> Corpus Christi…
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Helping Saint Luke’s Mission of Mercy in Giving Thanks

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(click on images for full view) Thanksgiving is the kickoff of the holiday season. Each year Saint Luke’s Mission of Mercy ensures that thousands of people can enjoy a good meal on Thanksgiving. On Saturday, November 23rd, volunteers showed up…
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Thanksgiving Day Masses in East Buffalo’s Historic Polonia

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Give thanks at one of the neighborhood’s beautiful churches on Thanksgiving Day. Here are the Mass times: Corpus Christi Church – 7:30am & 11:30am Saint John Kanty – 8:30am Saint Luke’s Mission of Mercy – 1:00pm Saint…
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Aerial Video: Snow Mountain Takes Shape on Memorial Drive Near Central Terminal

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This video really captures what is going on along Memorial Drive near the Central Terminal with snow from other parts of Buffalo being dumped there. It is crazy and a lot of people from the neighborhood are not happy about…
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Saint Stan’s and Saint John Kanty Bulletins – 11/16/2014


Here are the weekly bulletins for for Saint Stan’s and Saint John Kanty churches. To view the latest Saint Stan’s bulletin, click here—> To view the latest Saint John Kanty bulletin, click here—> Please support our neighborhood churches! They are important…
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The Polish Singers Alliance of America, District IX, will present its “FESTIVAL OF CHRISTMAS CAROLS” on Sunday, December 7th at 3:30 pm inSaint Stanislaus Church. This annual event at Saint Stan’s is really a must see concert in the neighborhood…
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