Save-A-Lot will close in Buffalo’s Broadway Market next week

Save-A-Lot will close its Broadway Market location next week, leaving Aldi as the only traditional supermarket to serve the Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood.

The closure of Save-A-Lot is a blow to the neighborhood, coming shortly after Family Dollar stores closed in the community, leaving residents with few places to buy groceries and household goods like cleaning supplies and medicine at affordable prices.

The closing will also be a loss to the Broadway Market, tenants said. The bustling, low-priced supermarket attracted foot traffic that will soon be missing at the public market, meaning other tenants and vendors will soon have a smaller audience of customers to sell to outside of the busy Easter season.

Two years later, food insecurity spotlighted by Tops shootings is a local priority.

Since the racist mass shooting at Tops Markets on Jefferson Avenue in 2022, food access has become a more visible priority in Buffalo, with an array of public, non-profit and corporate entities stepping up to support solutions. At the same time, the problem of hunger continues to grow, and there is a lot more work to be done, community advocates and food providers say.

Another Save-A-Lot franchisee, Upstate Supermarket, was hoping to take over the Save-A-Lot store for the cost of its inventory but wasn’t able to come to an agreement on lease terms with the Broadway Market.

**Addressing Food Insecurity in Buffalo’s East Side: Challenges and Community Resilience**

The imminent closure of the Save-A-Lot grocery store in Buffalo’s East Side is a significant setback for a community already grappling with limited access to affordable groceries and essential household goods. This development is particularly disheartening as it follows the recent closure of six Family Dollar stores in the area, further exacerbating the scarcity of shopping options for residents.

The loss of Save-A-Lot not only affects the availability of low-cost food items but also impacts the Broadway Market, where the supermarket’s presence has been a key driver of foot traffic. The departure of this anchor tenant could potentially reduce customer visits, affecting the livelihoods of other vendors and market tenants, especially outside the peak Easter season.

The broader context of this issue is the ongoing struggle against food insecurity in Buffalo, which gained heightened attention following the tragic mass shooting at Tops Markets on Jefferson Avenue in 2022. Since then, there has been a concerted effort from various sectors to address the challenge of ensuring consistent access to nutritious food for all residents. Despite these efforts, the need persists, and the community continues to seek sustainable solutions.

In light of these challenges, the resilience of the East Side community is noteworthy. Local initiatives and the determination of community members and leaders to find alternatives reflect the spirit of Buffalo. For instance, the attempt by another Save-A-Lot franchisee, Upstate Supermarket, to take over the Broadway Market location, although unsuccessful, demonstrates the proactive steps being taken to fill the void left by departing stores.

As the East Side of Buffalo confronts these difficulties, the support from non-profit organizations, public entities, and corporate partners remains crucial. The collective action to combat food insecurity, from establishing new grocery stores to enhancing food distribution networks, is a testament to the community’s commitment to overcoming adversity.

The situation in Buffalo’s East Side serves as a reminder of the importance of accessible and affordable food sources in urban neighborhoods. It underscores the need for continued advocacy, innovative solutions, and collaborative efforts to ensure that all residents have the means to lead healthy, nourished lives.

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  1. The broadway market should be bending over backwards to give Save A Lot a home town lease discount to stay in the market for the business it brings to the rest of the tenants

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