Video: Buffalo Central Terminal from Mid-Twentieth Century

Seeing old video of Buffalo’s Central Terminal is always a treat. It gives a unique glimpse into the terminal’s past when the complex was fully operational.

This video comes courtesy of Tom Naldony who posted it on the Facebook group the New York Central Railroad Fangroup. From Naldony, “Some of my grandfathers film from the late 40s or early 50s at Buffalo Central Terminal!”


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2 thoughts on “Video: Buffalo Central Terminal from Mid-Twentieth Century

  1. I grew up 3 blocks from Central Terminal in the 60’s & 70’s. Great memories & great neighborhood to grow up in back then, (or what’sleft of it these days). Incredible structure; my parents & I took the train out of there several times; the interior is like a museum-or was.

  2. Ty all for posting wat u have!!!! Buffalo is done!!! Nothing to show our grand kids is really all i know is wat my parents told me bout not just the beautiful terminal but Buffalo as a entire city. They said it was the place to be & sooo much going on. Now we have nothing we just now live in the ruins of wat once was a beautiful plentiful city.

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