Take a tour of Corpus Christi Church with Children in 1974

I received a copy of a tour booklet that was put together by the children of Corpus Christi School from 1974 as part of Corpus Christi Church’s 75th anniversary. It’s a really detailed explanation of what you see inside the church and well worth a read. Based on the wording on the cover page, it looks like this was part of a presentation given inside the church by the children. An interesting side note, one of the children listed in helping prepare the booklet is Johnny Rzeznik from the Goo Goo Dolls. Johhny Goo grew up across the street from Corpus Christi Church on Clark Street and attended the church’s school. His name can be found on page two.

It’s really cool to see old documents like this.

Click here to view the booklet in PDF format–>