All I can say is that Corpus Christi’s attempt to defend Buffalo’s title as “The Pierogy Pocket Capital of America” was a huge success. The church hasn’t won the title yet, but I don’t think anyone involved with this pierogi project expected the turnout considering all the competing things going on in Buffalo and WNY on Sunday. 

There were people lined up down Sears Street waiting to get in…the event was scheduled to run for two hours…it went three plus…Corpus Christi’s 11:30 AM mass which preceded “Buffalo’s Biggest Pierogi Party” had almost triple the attendance from a normal Sunday…all the parishioner made pierogi was sold out…people from all over WNY came…they came to an event that was planned in about a week…all of it one big WOW!

The church is now putting together its application package to send to Mrs. T’s…there is no doubt in my mind what the end result will be.

The above video is just a small sampling of the event…a nother video is being put together as part of the application, once it is complete, it will be shared with all of you!

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