New leadership at Buffalo’s St. John Kanty Church

Father James Monaco was appointed the new parish administrator of St. John Kanty Parish, effective March 21, 2022.

From St. John Kanty’s wesbite:

Father Michael Burzynski has resigned as pastor of St. John Gualbert Parish and as administrator of St. John Kanty Parish for reasons of health, and has retired from active ministry effective March 17.

We thank you Fr Mike for your service to Saint John Kanty  and Saint Adalbert Parishes since May 2017!

Father Paul Ladda has become temporary administrator of St John Gualbert Parish, effective March 17. He had been serving as the parochial vicar of St John Gualbert and St John Kanty parishes.

Father Bob Stolinski, our weekend celebrant and ‘morning man’, will continue the celebration of morning Masses.

Father James Monaco has been appointed parish administrator of St. John Kanty Parish, effective March 21. This is in addition to his role as pastor of St. Katherine Drexel Parish in the Lovejoy area (

We welcome you Fr Jim and look forward to a long future together!

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