Buffalo Mass Mob returns with visit to Corpus Christi Church

After the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March of 2020, Buffalo Mass Mob put their events on hold indefinitely. As Western New York started to open up earlier this year, the group decided to put together plans for a return in September.

Buffalo Mass Mob 38 will take place at Corpus Christi Church in Buffalo’s Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood on Sunday, September 12 for the church’s 11:00 AM Dożynki Polish Harvest Festival Mass. “Corpus Christi is the perfect church to get our group back to mobbing masses,” said Christopher Byrd, Buffalo Mass Mob Organizer. “Our goal with Mass Mob is to highlight historic churches in the city and to get people to understand their importance to the fabric of Buffalo. Corpus Christi is a stunning church in the heart of the city.”

The group started mobbing masses in 2013. Their efforts have been featured in local, national, and international media. For those unfamiliar with the concept, it’s simple, Buffalo Mass Mob selects a church and date and invites the public to come to a mass or a worship service. People get the opportunity to experience a church they may have never been to before or experience it again. The event also gives host churches a boost in the pews and collection baskets.

Corpus Christi was the seventh Polish parish established in Buffalo. The church was founded by Fr. Hyacinth Fudzinski, a Franciscan friar from Czarnków, Poland in 1898. The church was established to serve the religious needs of the growing Polish community of the East Side. The parish almost closed in 2003, but another group of Polish priests, the Pauline Fathers from Częstochowa, Poland, agreed to take over the church. Corpus Christi Church is located  at 199 Clark Street, Buffalo, New York, 14212.

For more information about Buffalo Mass Mob visit: https://BuffaloMassMob.org

For more information about Corpus Christi Church visit: http://CorpusChristiBuffalo.org


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