The East Side Garden Walk is Saturday, July 17

The East Side Garden Walk (ESGW) is a free, self-guided tour that brings visitors who share a love of gardening into the creative gardens of Buffalo’s East Side neighborhoods – explore Masten Park, Willert Park, Emslie, Lovejoy, Emerson, Schiller Park, Grider, Cold Springs, the Fruit Belt, Larkin, Hamlin Park, Kensington, Leroy, Lasalle and many more.

More than a garden tour, the ESGW is a way for residents to take control of the narrative for its community. They share gardens, stories, and a spirit of perseverance with those from within and outside its neighborhood – countering the negative stigma often portrayed on the news – by creating positive stories. Love of gardening and community creates connections between gardeners, neighbors, and visitors. The ESGW transforms its neighborhoods by providing a spotlight for residents to “show out” and by encouraging everyone to be the change, because this community matters.

MAPS Three ways to get maps:

  1. All downtown Buffalo Public Libraries: Central; Crane; Dudley; East Clinton; Coles (formerly East Delavan); Frank E. Merriweather, Jr.; Gonzalez-Soto (formerly Niagara); North Park; and Panty (formerly Riverside) plus Julia B. Reinstein, Anna Reinstein, Audubon, Lackawanna and Lancaster libraries.

  2. The Foundry, 298 Northampton Street, Buffalo

  3. Download and print a map PDF here.

The East Side Garden Walk is 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., the event takes place rain or shine. If you see a sign out before 10 a.m. or after 3 p.m., you’re still welcome.

Parking is along city streets, and is readily available very near most gardens.

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