Video: Broadway Market Online Community Meeting from 06/23/2020

The Broadway Market held a meeting Tuesday, June 23, 2020 to show the community that it can be a focal point for the Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood.

Not only does it bring it fresh products from local businesses, it’s been a cultural focal point for the city for decades.

“You know, there are a lot of physical changes that need to be made to make it welcoming and safe and smell good,” said Public Market Development Principal Aaron Zaretsky. “You know when you walk into a successful public market you want to say wow, you want to be assaulted with good smells, and good sights and hear a street musician. It should be very experiential, it should be really fun.”

Empire State Development has hired CJS Architects to make the market a focal point for the Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood and even the entire region. The goal is to turn the Broadway Market into a year-round vibrant public market, similar to Pike’s Place in Seattle.

Empire State Development, The Buffalo Billion, and the City of Buffalo have invested several million dollars toward the project.

The goal is to develop the market as a focal point for the Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood and eventually, as a regional attraction. The Market historically has played an important role as a center for year-round, international, owner-operated, affordable fresh and prepared food shops and neighborhood services. As the community around it has changed, the Market is now seeking to maximize its relevance to Broadway-Fillmore and to expand its customer base in order to serve as a sustainable stimulus to neighborhood development, as well as an attraction for the region.

Here’s the full video of a online community meeting held on 06/23/2020. It’s a great watch and really gives you the sense of what the future could hold for 999 Broadway.