Saint Stan’s will officially reopen for Mass on Saturday, July 4th

From Saint Stan’s:

St. Stanislaus is following the guidelines established by the Diocese of Buffalo and the CDC.  Keep in mind that these guidelines are dynamic and change as more is known about COVID-19.  According to Diocesan Guidelines dated June 6, 2020, “The decision to reopen is solely at the discretion of the pastor.” Therefore, the Pastor, Father Michal Czyzewski, has modified these guidelines with the needs of our parish in mind.

We ask for your patience and prayers so our return to public celebrations “will be safe, gradual, and ordered.”  Like you, we are eager to have you return to church and to be able to offer our regular Mass schedule.  For now, however, starting Saturday, July 4, we will resume the Saturday, 4:00 pm English Mass and the Sunday, 12:00 noon Polish Radio Mass.  We hope to be able to resume the Sunday, 8:30 am English Mass soon afterwards.

If you are sick, have been out of the state or country, or have been in contact with someone who is sick, PLEASE STAY HOME.  If you are uncomfortable or uneasy in a public environment, PLEASE STAY HOME.

Numerous Masses are available online and, on your TV.  As always, we offer the Polish Radio Mass at Noon on Sundays on 101.7 FM.  Our main concern is for the safety of all parishioners and friends visiting St. Stanislaus. 

As per Bishop Scharfenberger, the dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass remains in place, especially for those who are most vulnerable. The CDC recommends that those who are in poor health and fall into this category of high risk, plus children under the age of two (2), should not attend Mass.

Please consider carefully whether or not you should attend Mass.  Attendance is at your discretion.  Please be advised that while the Church is appropriately sanitized, there is an assumed risk when attending Mass.

When Coming to Church Please Be Prepared for The Following:

  • Per New York State Requirements, you MUST wear a mask whenever social distancing is not possible.  Permitted face coverings include masks, as well as scarves or bandanas.  According to NYS guidelines children over the age of 2 should wear a mask.
  • You are asked to enter the church with your mask on.  A limited number of masks will be available at the entrance of the church.
  • As you enter the church, please use either the sanitizer or gloves provided.  You are encouraged to bring your own sanitizer.
  • Use the sanitizer prior to receiving communion.  You cannot receive communion with gloves on.
  • Pews have been taped off to enable social distancing from others except for families who may sit together.  Please follow the direction of our ushers to maintain safe distancing while seated.
  • There will be no Missals, no Offertory Procession with the gifts, and no physical contact for the Sign of Peace.
  • The Holy Water fonts at the entrances are empty and are covered.
  • The choir, in the choir loft, will maintain social distancing.  There will be no congregational singing.


  • There will be no passing of the collection basket.
  • Ushers wearing masks and gloves do the collection from each pew and consolidate the gifts according to diocesan norms and procedures.
  • Collection baskets will be sanitized between Masses.
  • Ushers will sanitize their hands after removing gloves upon completion of the collection.
  • Thank you for your continued support of the parish.

Sign of Peace

  • The sign of peace should take place without touching or shaking hands.  Suggested gestures include a wave, eye contact, or a simple bow.


  • Prior to the distribution of communion, the priest(s) will discreetly use hand sanitizer or wash their hands.
  • All who distribute communion should wear a mask.
  • Social distancing should be exercised when proceeding down the main aisle for communion.  Ushers will assist in maintaining this distance.  Masks must be worn.
  • It is highly recommended that communion be received in the hand and not on the tongue.  Upon receipt of communion, the mask should be lowered, the recipient consumes the communion, replaces the mask, and returns to the pew through the side aisles.
  • Anyone with a physical disability or with difficulty walking, should inform the usher so that the priest can distribute communion to them.


  • After the final blessing, the congregation should exit pew by pew to maintain social distancing.  Ushers can assist to ensure proper spacing until the church is emptied.


  • Will be available before Mass and upon request.


  • Bathroom facilities will be available only in an emergency.  Please use appropriate care and sanitize your hands before and after using the facility.

Additional Information

  • Pews have been taped to allow for social distancing.  Please do not remove the tape.
  • Between Masses pews will be sanitized.
  • Commonly touched surfaces (door handles, etc.) will also be sanitized between Masses.
  • Please know that our ushers, sacristan, altar servers, and readers as well as our regular staff are all giving additional time and talent during this crisis.  We are grateful to them and ask everyone to respect their requests and understand that they want to keep you safe.

The Parish Office will re-open for regular business on Monday, July 6. Our summer business hours are Mondayand Wednesday, 9:30 am to 2:00 pm and Tuesday and Thursday, 9:30 am to 12:00 noon. Office is closed on Fridays.Please wear your mask when coming to the Office. We strongly encourage you to call the Office (716.854.5510/854.5511) in lieu of coming in as we can answer many questions and provide services over the phone to ensure everyone’s well-being.

We look forward, as much as you do, to returning home to St. Stanislaus to be together again in worship and praise of God. Though some of these measures may seem extreme, we are working within the guidelines of the Diocese and the State.  Non-compliance would mean we would have to cease public worship.  Thank you in advance for supporting us in this endeavor.

Please know of our prayers for you. May God bless you; our Mother Mary watch over you and St. Stanislaus, Our Lady of Czestochowa, and St. John Paul II intercede for you always.

Yours in Christ,

Father Michal Czyzewski, OSPPE



Father Jan Kolmaga, OSPPE

Parochial Vicar