Request for proposals sought to help transform the Broadway Market

Empire State Development (ESD) has issued a request for proposals (RFP) for the Broadway Market. The RFP is a result of the next wave of Buffalo Billion funds announced earlier this year targeting the east side. The market is receiving $4 million from ESD to to turn the Broadway Market into a year-round regional destination and expand its role as food shopping center for residents in the Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood.

The deadline for the RFP is September 13, 2019.

Here is an overview of the RFP from ESD’s website.

ESD is seeking to retain a professional consultant firm or team of consulting firms (the “Consultant”) to provide the following services:

Business Planning

Business planning efforts should build on and update previous planning efforts with a focus on which goals to prioritize and a vision for immediate steps that can be taken to implement changes. The resulting deliverable should establish a unified plan for the investment of East Side Corridor Economic Development capital funds and ongoing operations of the Market. The Plan should provide a clear framework for tenant-management relations, explore new approaches to the Market’s branding and outreach, consider financial implications and provide a prioritized action plan for implementation.

Marketing and Communications

A new market study and communications plan will identify the tools and strategies best suited to the Market’s core customers as well as those that can be used to expand the overall customer base. Beyond confirming the existing picture of the demographic makeup of the Market’s clientele, a marketing and communications plan should seek to build on recent successes with social media and ascertain the best path to growing the Market’s brand on other platforms in service of targeting promotional materials to retain and build the customer base.

Community Outreach

Consultant(s) will work with the local steering committee to engage residents from the surrounding Broadway-Fillmore Neighborhood and gather input that will inform the final deliverables and strengthen ongoing relations with the neighborhood and its other assets, including the Central Terminal. Consultant(s) are encouraged to identify creative techniques to engage the public that will simultaneously identify potential opportunities for community collaboration that build excitement for the next phase of the Market’s renovation.

Architectural Design

Development of preliminary designs for capital improvements should be aimed at creating a more attractive, customer-friendly and manageable space. Both interior and exterior improvements may be considered. New exterior improvements such as (but not limited to) landscaping, signage, artwork and streetscape elements should help foster a sense of the Market has a premier cultural destination. New interior improvements such as (but not limited to) updates to finishes, enhancements to create a more welcoming and open space that feels less confining and utilitarian for customers, rationalized vendor layout and clearer wayfinding should build new excitement, spur increased visitation and provide efficient operation of the Market. Interior design considerations will also include equipment needs such as electrical, plumbing and lighting to ensure changes to vendor configurations are supported by the necessary infrastructure. Any alterations to the building will have to accord with the facility’s status as part of the recently established Broadway-Fillmore Historic District and recognize the role of the City’s Department of Public Works.

There have been a number of significant investments in the market recently along with some others in the works.

From ESD:

Recent upgrades include the City of Buffalo’s completion of a $475,498 commercial incubator kitchen, a $393,690 cement floor resurfacing project, and the introduction of free vendor and public wi-fi on-site. A $540,000 Buffalo Police Department Substation is under construction at the Market and an estimated $1 million has been committed by the City for renovations to the Market’s historic Art Moderne exterior. While the Market’s status as a City-owned facility has driven substantial municipal investment in the site, it also necessitates the kind of close coordination with City departments and Council members not always required of privately-owned facilities.

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