The Infringement Festival at the Broadway Market on August 4th

The Buffalo Infringement Festival is a non-profit-driven, non-hierarchical grassroots endeavor bringing together a broad range of eclectic, independent, experimental, and controversial art of all forms. Visual, performing, and media arts are all welcome here.

The festival has been staging some of it’s events at the Broadway Market for a number of years now.

Spend the day at this historic venue and enjoy 3 floors of live music. Delicious food available from the market vendors. Free event!

The Broadway Market Thing


Sat, Aug 04 noon-12:45 pm Stoneclad (roof)
Sat, Aug 04 noon-1 pm Andrew Nixon Trio (lobby)
Sat, Aug 04 noon-5 pm Silent Disco (hear all stages from anywhere)
Sat, Aug 04 12:15-12:45 pm Digital Afterlife (garage)
Sat, Aug 04 12:45-1:15 pm DeadWorry (garage)
Sat, Aug 04 12:45-1:30 pm Curtis Lovell (roof)
Sat, Aug 04 1-2 pm FragranceandJuan Cosmic Energy (lobby – Fragrance solo)
Sat, Aug 04 1:15-1:45 pm Sonic Wranglers (garage)
Sat, Aug 04 1:30-2:15 pm Zoochie (roof)
Sat, Aug 04 1:45-2:15 pm The Finality Complex (garage)
Sat, Aug 04 2-3 pm David Adamczyk’s Sound Strategy (roving the ecalators)
Sat, Aug 04 2-3 pm Carly Beth (lobby)
Sat, Aug 04 2-3 pm The Left Hand of Darkness (roaming, helmet amp)
Sat, Aug 04 2:15-2:45 pm Imaginary Number (garage)
Sat, Aug 04 2:30-3 pm Electric Style (roof)
Sat, Aug 04 2:45-3:15 pm Mandoloops (stairwell)
Sat, Aug 04 2:45-3:15 pm DJ Bonaparte (garage)
Sat, Aug 04 3-4 pm Shannon Vanderlaan (lobby)
Sat, Aug 04 3:15-3:45 pm Flex Godd (garage)
Sat, Aug 04 3:30-4:15 pm Curiosity’s End (roof)
Sat, Aug 04 3:45-4:15 pm Emci Kyng (garage)
Sat, Aug 04 4-5 pm russianhands and romanfingers (lobby)
Sat, Aug 04 4:15-5 pm Cavalcade (roof)
Sat, Aug 04 4:15-4:45 pm Mal.A.Mute (garage)

More about the Infringement Festival can be found here—>

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