Am-Pol Eagle: 166 Stanislaus – a hub of activity on a busy street that had it all

(by Gregory Witul) While Broadway and Fillmore are the backbones of the Broadway-Fillmore Historic District, there is a tiny sliver of another once great avenue of commerce included in the newly created overlay, Stanislaus Street. Connecting Fillmore to Lathrop, Stanislaus Street could take care of you from cradle to grave. You could be birthed by Marja Konklewska the midwife, be baptized at St. Adalbert’s Basilica, attend school at Transfiguration, find work at Mroz Lumber, be married at St. Adalbert’s, purchase provisions at one of the many grocers or cut through the back parking lot to get to Sattler’s, get a haircut, your shoes repaired, go for a reflexology session, and when your time is done, be buried by one of the two undertakers, all while never leaving Stanislaus. And, if one wanted a drink in that lifetime, the place to go was Roman’s Tavern at 166 Stanislaus.

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