Broadway Fillmore NHS Awarded $500,000 in Home Repair Funds

More good news for low-income homeowners.  In June 2018, Broadway Fillmore NHS (BFNHS) was awarded another $500,000 in home repairs funds by the NYS Affordable Housing Corporation (AHC).  These funds are in addition to the $500,000 awarded by the AHC in 2016.  We are using the same program guidelines as the previous contract.  Total household income must be below 80% of area median income by family size, as follows:

1 Person, $41,850 – 2 Person, $47,800 – 3 Person, $53,800 – 4 Person, $59,750

5 Person, $64,550 – 6 Person, $69,350 – 7 Person, $74,100 – 8 Person $78,900

Priorities:  if you are below 50% of area median income, you will receive a priority over persons at 80%.  If you are below 30% of median income, you will receive a priority over those at 50%.  If you are frail elderly (over 75 or over 62 with a disability), you will receive a second priority.

The program boundaries have expanded slightly:  Best Street to the north, Bailey Avenue to the east, Seneca Street to the south, and Jefferson to the west.  Repairs are limited to health and safety issues – roofs, foundations, mechanical systems, energy conservation, & environmental issues, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are typical examples of allowable expenses.  The funds are in the form of a recoverable grant – you must live in the house for a minimum of five years after completion of the work. and the funds cover 90% of the cost of repairs.  The homeowner must provide 10% of the cost.  If the homeowner does not have their 10% contribution, BFNHS will lend them the funds at 3% interest.   We work with the homeowner to structure the payments so they are affordable.  Typical loan payments are in the $30 – $40 per month for three to five years.

To start the process, please complete and submit the intake form.  It is available in our office, or you can download it by clicking on the link below.  If you have previously filled out an intake form, there is no need to submit another one.  We have them on file.  All of them are date stamped, so you will not lose your place in line.

If you have any questions or comments, contact BFNHS by clicking here—>

BFNHS is located at 780 Fillmore Ave.


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