$700000 project in the works for the Adam Mickiewicz Library and Dramatic Circle

The Adam Mickiewicz Library and Dramatic Circle (AMLDC) and the Torn Space Theater group located in AMLDC are working on a $700000 project that will add more life and art to the corner of Fillmore and Paderewski. The AMLDC acquired a vacant lot and former gas station next door to their 612 Fillmore building with the idea of using it for art production. Plans for project went before the Buffalo Planning Board yesterday.

From WBFO:

The other project is right across town, in a building which has been a literary center and theater for generations. It’s now the home for Torn Space Theater. Artistic Director Dan Shanahan says it’s good for the neighborhood, faced with a deteriorating gas station and its torn-up parking lot an eyesore. The plan calls for the gas station to be turned into a working home for arts productions along with more work on the main Mickiewicz building, all together a $700,000 project.

This type of project would not only help AMLDC and Torn Space Theater, but also help firm up this historic intersection in Broadway-Fillmore. It will be exciting to see what the impact will be for the neighborhood.

Here is the audio version of WBFO story: