Video: “Nocturne” at Former Chopin Singing Society Building

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Heading into the fall of 2013, I wanted to shoot a video of someone playing Chopin’s Nocturne in front of the former Chopin Singing Society building at 18-24 Kosciuszko Street. This place was once alive with music and dance. It is an iconic Polish American heritage site which has fallen into grave disrepair. I took photos of it last year…click here to view those—>

Well, fall quickly turned to winter and the idea was put off until spring this year. I enlisted the help of my daughter and clarinetist Emilie Byrd. This past Saturday, we recorded the video you will see below.

The concept behind it is not unlike other things done here on Broadway Fillmore Alive…just want to bring attention to the alarming and tragic decay of heritage sites throughout the neighborhood. Places which should be saved, but are dying a slow death ending with demolition. We have lost too many. In a sad way, this may be the last time the former Chopin Singing Society building sees music.

Here is the video:

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