Fire Takes 316 and 320 Paderewski Drive

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It is bad enough that the neighborhood has lost its share of housing/building stock over the last couple of decades due to neglect, but when you see fire consume a couple of good buildings, it’s truly heartbreaking.

A blaze took 316 and 320 Paderewski Drive early this morning at about 2:00am.

Here is audio from fire dispatch and fire crews responding to fire.[audio:]

It’s really sad to see more and more buildings on Paderewski disappear…even more to see buildings disappear on the this section of the street, which acts as a gateway to the Central Terminal.

WIVB Video:

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One thought on “Fire Takes 316 and 320 Paderewski Drive

  1. I was so sad to hear about the fire that burned the home at 320 Paderewski Drive. I grew up in that home. I also lived at 322 Paderewski Drive. My dad had a business at the Broadway Market where many of our family members worked. I guess my Mom and Dad moved to Buffalo in the 40’s as my Mom said that was her first real home. Are they still investigating the cause? Please respond. I now live in Texas. My last visit to Buffalo was in l992 and I did go by my old neighborhood.

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