Photos and Video from Corpus Christi Sunday & Procession


(click on camera to see photo gallery one)
Photos by Chris Byrd & Karol Olkowski

(click on camera to see photo gallery two)
Photos by Andrew Golebiowski

I wrote something like this on Facebook yesterday while reviewing the Corpus Christi procession in my mind:

Heritage sites like St. Stanislaus Bishop & Martyr Church and Corpus Christi are not only architecturally significant…they are still open and used as intended…preserving places like these gives people a living and breathing glimpse into Buffalo’s past.

To me, it is very cool that places our ancestors built in 1800s are still here. These places weren’t built to throw away, let rot or to move on from.  It was also very cool to think as I walked in the procession that here we were processing on the same streets our ancestors did.

The Corpus Christi procession is always a great experience.  Despite the wind yesterday, a few hundred people participated.  The Corpus Christi procession is a huge event in some countries around the world.    Corpus Christi and Saint Stan’s churches are working to make it grow here in Buffalo into a larger event.  It is already the largest of its kind in Buffalo and Western New York and attracts Catholics from all around the area.

Corpus Christi Sunday is on 06/22/2014 next year…look out for the date and next year’s procession.  It is a unique experience.

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