WNYmedia.net: Broadway Market at the Crossroads Vol. IV

Christina Abt

(By Christina Abt) This is the fourth in a series of Broadway Market at the Crossroads interviews. This week the series focuses on a long time vendor who not only works at the market, but calls it home.

Irena Woszczak has operated a business at the Broadway Market for 18 years, yet she doesn’t sell meats, produce or ethnic specialty items. Rather, this veteran vendor operates a full service, eye glass store under the banner of Broadway Opticians. In talking to this forthright woman there is no doubt that she has an extremely clear vision of the state of the market, and some strong opinions about what needs to be done to correct the historic landmark’s problems.

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7 thoughts on “WNYmedia.net: Broadway Market at the Crossroads Vol. IV

  1. I agree with Irena Woszczak and I give her credit that she spoke up. As she said that the market is not just her job but her home. I agree and many agree with Irena that it is all ego and show with Marty and Eddy. They want to be in the spotlight. I also agree that David Franczyk, the Fillmore District DO NOTHING councilman is out of touch with reality. All these people want to do their own thing instead of sitting down and working with the tenants who have the most to lose, their business and that which they need to make a living. I hope that the market will survive, but the way it is going now it will close and the East Side will be a ghost town.

  2. I’ve been reading along here with this series. What a mess. Why would anyone trust these characters involved? I’ve heard murmurs about the Dyngus Day problems with the organizers and about their roll in the markets problems. What’s the deal.

  3. Another group who does absolutely nothing though I see their name appear from time to time is the Friends of the Broadway Market. Who are they? What do they do? Are they just another front for Airborne Eddy?

  4. i give Irena tremendous credit for speaking her mind, knowing that these jokers were long time family and personal friends. But if you know Irena, she calls it as she sees it.

    If you haven’t heard the three musketeers …Eddie Marty and DF ….issued a press release saying they are going to bring in the guy who did the study in 1999….to rehash the study…

    The problem is the City doesn’t know how to fund and manage the property, the tenants are dysfunctional at best and the three musketeers want to use it as their personal playground and PIGGYBANK…..

    What happens to the Eastside when Byron moves to the State Job he is seeking and the Mayor is Lord Fanczyk…..the whole city will really crumble if how he took care of the Eastside is Ny example…..

    IRENA YOU ROCK!!!! Three Musketeers stick to chocolate…..

  5. This whole series by Christina Abt and associated comments here have been illuminating on many fronts. The way I see it is that Broadway Market needs some serious reorganizing. The question is will the city step up and provide the leadership and tools necessary to make it work. I take comments on news sites with a grain of salt, but reading the comments about Airborne Eddy and Marty Biniasz also make me question what they are all about. There seems to be something not quite right there judging on the consistency and nature of complaints and comments. I have seen this road before with others in Buffalo and the end result usually isn’t pretty.

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