WNYmedia.net: Broadway Market at the Crossroads Pt. 6

(By Christina Abt) This is the sixth in a series of Broadway Market at the Crossroads interviews. This week one of Western New York’s most well-known and respected event promoters talks about his market experience, his viewpoints and his ideas on how… and if… the market can survive.

His lengthy resume includes experience as a skilled food promoter, a successful event organizer and a well-connected member of the Western New York Community. It’s an illustrious career that suggests “Wing King” Drew Cerza is the perfect candidate for the job of revitalizing the Broadway Market.

City of Buffalo Officials must have entertained that same thought when they installed Cerza as a charter member of the market task force in the fall of 2009.  Yet it was only a few months before the veteran promoter stepped back from his advisory Broadway Market role.  Cerza states that he made the decision despite his hopes for the landmark venue.

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9 thoughts on “WNYmedia.net: Broadway Market at the Crossroads Pt. 6

  1. Cerza’s idea of a kitchen in the center of the market is great. The walled junk store there is such an eyesore. I never figured out why the market put the store in the center because it disrupts flow and is gives the wrong impression when you come down from the escalator. Having flea market style places are a necessity for revenue, but they shouldn’t be at the center.

  2. @Mark Jabco General Store isn’t junky if that is the store you mean…they sell some cool stuff…Polish Pottery, t-shirts, etc.

  3. Mark, FYI “the junk store” you speak of just opened its third location at Galleria Mall. I own that store with my husband and Galleria has been after us for 10 years to open in the largest mall in Western NY. Obviously someone likes our merchandise.

    What do you do for living? Please come and introduce yourself to me. I would love to enlighten you on our business. We don’t just work in the city, we live in the city and own commercial real estate in the city of Buffalo. Also last time I checked, junk stores don’t sell $200 pieces of Polish Pottery. Hope to see you soon.

  4. If it wasn’t for Jabco’s there would be a big empty space, which is most of the market these days. They sell some great stuff. At least they are there trying to do something.

  5. All my Polish tee shirts come from Jabco, great prices. But I can understand what the Wing King is saying.

  6. Jabco is not only a great source for Polish T-shirts, but they are one of the best sources for Buffalo specialty goods. Jabco is one-stop shopping place especially for books on Buffalo not just Polonia books. Their expansion in the market a few years back offers an incredible variety of old-fashioned items for children or for us adults memories of our childhood such as Betty Boop and I Love Lucy. And, I personally fear what would happen if they left the market. Their would be one big hole. A community kitchen in the middle would also serve to block isles.

    The concept of a community kitchen and business incubator is great but this is an idea that has been tossed around for over 15 years. The implementation of ideas is more important than the talk. More attention needs to be given to strategies for funding it; this takes creative and competitive grant proposals. And, currently, this takes a not-for-profit group to apply for this type of funding. Most federal, state, and foundation RFPs now a days require meaningful community participation and engagement, plus collaboration across stakeholders. This could happen if market supporters could agree upon putting differences aside and start working together when their interests intersect.

  7. Bev,

    If you are the Bev I believe this is, you need to practice what you preach. You are divisive person who stirs up trouble and can’t put your differences aside. You more part of the pproblem than the solution.

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