Video/Slideshow: Vacant

I hadn’t driven down Schmarbeck or Rommel Avenues in a few months and decided to do just that on Saturday morning after a Dozynki planning meeting.

I am absolutely floored by the extent of loss on the streets of B-F…it doesn’t matter how many times I walk or drive around and see this…it is equal parts sad and surreal…you can’t help but get the feeling of hopelessness…it is like a bad movie that just keeps getting worse…I wonder if people even care anymore or if most have grown to accept this as the sad reality of what has become and is still to come for a very large part of the city.

The video above are all the vacant and abandoned homes on Schmarbeck and Rommel…the video doesn’t even include all the houses that have already been torn down.

These are just two streets in the neighborhood.