Giving thanks…

While Saint Adalbert’s on Saturday, a thought popped into my head.  I was sitting there getting ready for the Brittany Mruczek concert to begin and noticed B-F-A friend Frankie scrambling around the church making sure that the sound system was all set for the performance.  Frankie is just part of a story that helps keep places like Saint Adalbert’s ALIVE.

As I sat in the church watching Frankie, I couldn’t help but think of all the wonderful people who give up time from their lives to help the neighborhood.  A lot of these type of people never get any press or awards…they help out because there is something inside of them telling them to.

These are the people who inspire me most and there are a lot of them.  They use their time, talents and hard work to make a difference in Broadway-Fillmore.  It is through them that hope is channeled into action.

This is simply a shout to all the Frankies out in B-F and a heartfelt THANK YOU for all your efforts.  There are people out there who recognize all you do in helping keep the neighborhood ALIVE!