As our sixth season of events comes to a close, I’d like to remind everyone that work on several different fronts continues at the Central Terminal.  Our building committee still has regular Saturday work parties from 10 AM to 2 PM during the fall and winter, our events committee begins planning for the next season and we all share in the various administrative tasks that are required to run a not-for-profit organization. Some of the most unique and challenging aspects facing the Central Terminal Restoration Corporation are that we must do several diverse tasks concurrently; not only do we host a series of popular events each year, but we complete capital improvement projects and we actively try to find new ways to facilitate the rehabilitation of the complex.

Strong event attendance figures and the recent recognition of “outstanding programming by a local heritage organization” (Daniel B. Niederlander Award: 2008 winner alongside Shea’s Performing Arts Center) by the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society certainly goes a long way to reinforce our success at the first two concurrent tasks I mentioned above, but it’s the last one that remains the biggest and most critical challenge. Preservation of a complex the size of the Central Terminal is an ongoing chore, but is only a relatively temporary fix. Permanent rehabilitation is the ultimate goal, and in our minds and hearts, that cannot happen soon enough.

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