Check this wonderful video out from!

It captures the event perfectly…the guys and gals over at are good friends of B-F…Marc Odien, who shot the video, was also one of the people behind the movie “Flipped” which brought the whole house flipping problem to the attention of WNY.

The internet itself is a remarkable thing. I had about 10 people come up to me over the course of the Christmas Food Fair and ask if I am the Chris Byrd who is part of Broadway Fillmore Alive…another remarkable thing is that things like the Food Fair and BFA are making a difference for the neighborhood…people are getting the message in big and small ways that this part of Buffalo and WNY is ALIVE…people are starting to take notice of what we got going on…I often wish I had a magic wand to change things, but as Carol Bronnenkant, one of the people behind the Christmas Fair, reminds me of all the time, it is all baby steps…steps in which you take more and more of that lead to bigger and better things.

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