VIDEO: Police substations coming to Canalside and Broadway Market

There used to be a Buffalo Police substation in the Broadway Market, and now one is coming back to the business district.

From WIVB:

On the other side of the city, a substation will be added on the east side, at the Broadway Market.

“I though it was just a wonderful, wonderful surprise. It was one of the requests we had to the Mayor,” said Bradford Watts, board member of Fillmore Forward.

Neighbors say there was a substation in that area years ago and they’ve been pushing hard to get one back for months.

Mayor Brown says the substations are being added to areas that need a greater police presence.

Some residents say it will strengthen relations between the police and the community.

“I think it’s part of the solution, it doesn’t solve all of the things. Knowing your officers, the officers knowing the community and I think that’s really what’s needed,” said Watts.

Construction is expected to start on the substations sometime this year.

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