Sign this petition to help bring trains back to Buffalo’s Central Terminal

Part of making the Buffalo Central Terminal the old/new home for a train station in Buffalo is going to be the general public’s ability to make some noise in supporting the terminal as the location. An easy way to start is to sign this petition. Let your voice be heard! Also, please share the petition on social media. A train station at the Central Terminal could be a game changer for the neighborhood. There is definitely going to be a new train station in Buffalo. Let’s make sure it’s going to be at the Central Terminal.

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5 thoughts on “Sign this petition to help bring trains back to Buffalo’s Central Terminal”

  1. Please reuse this Buffalo New York Central Terminal as a train station!!! It’s a great place and still great for that!

  2. Please bring back trains and people to our Central Terminal. So many families were impacted by this facility. Our grandparents not only came in on trains that came and departed here but they also were employed here. What a great opportunity for our neighborhoods for a great gathering place but also employment. Please bring the trains back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Remember PENN Station, once it’s gone it’s gone,
    look at Worcester Mass. and their restoration.

    What we have in CentralTerminal is a Great Monument to
    the Railroad Industry. You must restore it and use it as a Transportation HUB.

  4. To Use Central Terminal as a new home for Amtrak Via Rail and for the motor coach
    industry is a no brainer. I remember travling to Buffalo as a child with my parents and
    was awestruck at how large and beautiful the building was>>>>As a former resident of
    New York State and a Railroad Brat Please do whatever you can to make this happen.

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