Wooden Cross Restored @ Saint Adalbert Cemetery

The wooden cross that has marked the grave of Michalina Buczkowska 1898-1914 has been faithfully restored, and installed at Saint Adalbert’s cemetery on Dale Road Cheektowaga. The restoration project was spearheaded by Edward Kornowski with the generous support of the Polish Community.

Last October, Kornowski found the cross, which had rotted and broken off, just laying on the grass at the cemetery. This cross was possibly the only example of a wooden cross grave marker containing a touching verse carved in Polish language. It is believed the cross was made by the sixteen year old girl’s father. Fearing the loss of this historic memorial Kornowski obtained permission to preserve it for future generations.

We are happy to announce an official dedication of the new restored marker on Saturday November 1st at 11:00 AM. A blessing will be given by Father Thaddeus Bocianowski, who will also offer a Prayer for the Dead, in Polish tradition of All Souls Day.

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