Part VII of Seven Easy Things the Broadway Market can do to be a Year-Round Destination


The key to success for many organizations are its volunteers.

A shining example of what volunteers can do is with the Buffalo Central Terminal.  The Central Terminal Restoration Corporation has a large group of people who dedicate their time to helping keep this treasure alive.  People help with everything from cleaning to marketing.  They do it because the believe in and love the Terminal.  Their efforts have taken the building from being on the brink to being Buffalo’s unofficial convention and events center.

The Broadway Market needs the same type of group.

If you look at the love a lot of WNYers have for the Broadway Market, it would be easy to create a large and dedicated group of people to  volunteer at the market. This group could help fill the gaps in many areas where the market needs help.

There are people who already volunteer and help the Broadway Market.  I do it. But there is no organized effort or plan to build a volunteer group.  It just makes sense to do so.

A volunteer group could bring needed skills, ideas, energy, excitement and create a sense of community ownership to the market.  Volunteers would also become market’s best ambassadors because they believe in it.

Like I said, EASY.


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