Part IV of Seven Easy Things the Broadway Market can do to be a Year-Round Destination…Discount Days

Discount is word a lot of people look at when they are making decisions where to shop.

A creative way to bring more traffic to the Broadway Market year-round would be to offer a series of discount days throughout the year targeting a variety of groups of people.  It is an easy way to motivate people to come to the market who otherwise wouldn’t and a great promotional tool.

The pool of potential groups is literally endless…senior citizens, veterans, college students, etc.

The Broadway Market could even take it up a notch and partner with organizations and businesses to have special days geared towards them.   Imagine City of Buffalo Employee Day, Kaleida Health Day, M&T Employee Day,etc…the potential here is also endless.

The whole concept is designed to bring more people to through 999 Broadway’s doors.

Though a discount would effect a vendor’s bottom line, they could make it up by seeing overall increased sales on such days.

As the title of this post and series suggests, EASY.



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  1. John K.

    The easiest ideas are usually the best. The Broadway Market doesn’t need any silver bullets, just good practical ideas.

  2. Randy

    The Broadway Market should think just like Sattler’s did many moons ago — do whatever activities it can do to bring Buffalo to its doors. Do what it takes to bring people in!


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