Book on Corpus Christi Church’s Stained Glass Windows Officially Released

Today was the official release of “Adorned in Light: The Stained Glass of Corpus Christi Church” at Corpus Christi Church.  The event featured a book signing by author Greg Witul in the church’s Kolbe Center.

I’ve been through about half the book myself and it is a great read.  If you are like me, you sit in B-F’s churches and examine a lot of the artwork including the stained glass windows.  This book gives you the story on the windows at Corpus Christi Church and is a must read for anyone who appreciates the quality of work put into bringing them to life.  It also reaffirms what a treasure Corpus Christi is and what a valuable part of B-F it remains.

Here are some photos from the book signing.
[nggallery id=168](click on images for full view)

You purchase the book by visiting Corpus Christi Church’s website—>


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