Video: Interview with Meagan Baco and Sara Zak of Painting for Preservation

When I first starting reading about Painting for Preservation earlier in the year, I loved the whole idea and concept.

Art is a great way to tell the story of many things and preservation is one of them.

Painting for Preservation’s Art-In at Saint Adalbert Basilica was great success.  Twenty artists showed up at the church and did their thing.  The artwork will be on display next week at the basilica’s 125th anniversary celebration.

After spending a little time interviewing and speaking with Meagan and Sara, it was easy to feel their passion about preservation and Buffalo.

They were also amazed at the kindness and warmth in which the Saint Adalbert’s community welcomed them…they were also amazed with the passion the people of the church had for the basilica.

Painting for Preservation will also have a showing of artwork from all their Art-Ins during the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s conference in Buffalo next week.

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