Peregrine Falcon Chicks To Banded Today At Central Terminal

Picture from 2010 @ Central Terminal

This afternoon at the Central Terminal the second set of Peregrine Falcon chicks will be banded by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).

A nest was built in 2009 at the Terminal and the first set of chicks appeared in 2010.

From the Central Terminal website:

Banding young Peregrine Falcons provides biologists with important information on the birds movements and survival, and is useful in understanding their year-round habitat needs. The banding process involves briefly removing the chicks from the nest when they are about three weeks old and gently placing a color coded metal band around one of their legs and an aluminum U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service band on the opposite leg. These bands are uniquely lettered and numbered so that the birds can be identified and data can be collected on their movements, population, feeding habits and survival. After banding, the birds are immediately returned to their nest and the care of their parent birds.

To find out more about today’s banding, click here—>

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