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Update: Second image comes courtesy of Marty Biniaszit is located on a UB Library site.

As I was surfing around the internet today, I was looking through some of the Western New York Heritage Magazine’s online photos of old Buffalo.

I clicked into their “Poles in Buffalo” pages and made what I think is an awesome discovery.  The picture above shows what I believe is Lipowicz’s Wholesale Grocery Store at 1201 Broadway in 1910.  I added a recent picture I took of the building.  You can see the similarities…5 windows on second and third floors…cornice looks the same….door on left of building.

The building was designed by Wladyslaw H. Zawadzki and built in 1906.

The 1910 picture appeared in the Buffalo Express, February 19, 1910.

The building is now part of the Francis John Apartment complex and was a Burnham’s Furniture for many years.

Great stuff!!!

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