No other post on BFA has drawn as much attention from a descendant(s) of B-F’s past then the Finding Zawadzki post I did last summer.  The internet is a very cool tool to connect people and has literally changed the way we live and exchange info like nothing else has.

Mike Miller (RIP) and I used to talk about how BFA has changed the way people look at the neighborhood and given folks a window they never had into B-F.  To this day, I am amazed by the number of people who visit the site the daily.

Back to Zawadzki…here is the video slideshow I did on original post.

[click here for hi res Windows Media version]

Out of all the comments on the post, I absolutely love this one…

(From Joshua Alexander) Wladyslaw Zawadzki is my great, great uncle. My grandfather, Vince Watson (shortened version of Zawadzki), was Wladyslaw’s nephew. Grandpa owned Auburn Watson and designed many beautiful kitchens in Buffalo for 50 years. Architecture and building run in the family. I am only 13 years old but I want to be an architect like my great, great uncle. I love building, designing and construction. I spend hours daily drawing and designing buildings. I did not know that my uncle was an architect until this Thanksgiving. Thank you for posting this video. It inspires me to become an architect even more!

Very cool stuff…

Auburn Watson is still a prominent local business as well…


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One thought on “Finding Zawadzkies

  1. Joshua – Keep the dream and design buildings that are as great as your great-great uncle! We’re looking forward to seeing them!!

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