Buffalo’s Saint Ann’s Church and Shrine, a stunning interactive panoramic view

This interactive panoramic view was put together in 2013 by Buffalo VR. In addition to Saint Ann’s, they have a lot of other cool places in and around Buffalo in the same format. You can check out more of Buffalo VR’s work at http://buffalovr.com.

Saint Ann’s has been sitting dormant for over 5 years. This interactive image will definitely give you a sense of what will be lost if the Buffalo Diocese strips the interior and sells it off. The east side is full of glorious old world style churches. We have to everything we can to protect them.

(click here to view full screen)

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7 thoughts on “Buffalo’s Saint Ann’s Church and Shrine, a stunning interactive panoramic view

  1. I love and miss my church and church family. Please save this church. It would be a shame to sell everything off…

  2. I don’t understand why the diocese can’t see the value in keeping these churches? They are certainly a tourist attraction and they can make money highlighting the beauty, art and architecture within and on the outside as well. If they did that at least it would hurt the parishioners less. To see what has happened to my church (Transfiguration) is heartbreaking. People in Europe flock to see the beautiful churches yet here they remove the relics and say they are just a building and sell off things to the highest bidder. It’s sacrilegious in my opinion and it’s a slap in the face to the ancestors who were instrumental in establishing those buildings in the first place.

  3. I am planning a series of stories on Buffalorising.com to help in the efforts to save this church. Could I get permission to use this panorama and how to I get a copy that can be linked.

  4. How is it that in Europe and other parts of the world they manage to keep open churchs like St. Anns but in the good old USA we can’t or don’t want to. May God have mercy on the diocesan authorities,.I wonder if the diocese b othered to desacranantise this magnificant church ? I feel that our Lord is still there.

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