Buffalo Central Terminal volunteers rescue abandoned puppy

I stumbled across this Facebook post earlier tonight. On Saturday, July 24, Ben Wild posted the following.

Its been a crazy day. While at the Central Terminal, someone thought it would be a good spot to dump a neglected and mistreated pup in a plastic tote. The dumper got away before they could be caught. Leaving this poor sad pup behind. Knowing something had to be done, myself and a few other volunteers got our new pal “Lucky” water and fed him some cheese puffs. Lucky followed us closer to the building where we could watch him and wait for help to arrive. Not long after, our friendly “coffee lady” made her weekly stop. She was nice enough to donate a meatball sub that Lucky devoured in seconds. Knowing he couldn’t wait all day for animal control to show up, she and another volunteer took him downtown to the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter. They said with a little treatment he should make a full recovery. The coffee girl, Val, might even adopt him when he’s better! Animal cruelty is no joke and sadly this kinda thing happens everyday.

This story is equal parts sad and amazing. Luckily, Wild and others were there to rescue the dog and get it some help.

You can click on image below to go to Facebook and see the images plus send Wild and others some Buffalove for their act of kindness.

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