Returning the Favor for Michele Johnson

Michele Johnson helped found Broadway Fillmore Alive in 2006. She’s been a strong community activist in the neighborhood and the city for many years. Over the last few years, she’s been leading a group called Buffalo Dream Weavers. They work on various projects throughout year helping people. You can find our more about the group by clicking here.

Michele has recently experienced some health issues. Her friends at Buffalo Dream Weavers have organized a GoFundMe fundraiser for her to help out. Please donate if you can.

From the GoFundMe page:

We all know Michele has devoted her life to helping others. Now she needs our help. She begged us not to ask for assistance, and you all know how stubborn she is, but we will not take no for an answer.

Michele is suffering, isolated in a nursing home where she is receiving terrible care. In order to get her home, she will need a wheelchair ramp for her front door. A sit-to-stand recliner will also be incredibly helpful. She would benefit from additional monetary help to get food and necessities delivered once she is home.

Thank you so much for helping return the kindness she has shown so many others through the years