Transfigured: The walls and roof of Transfiguration Church in Buffalo collapse

On Monday afternoon, an unaccredited Facebook photo started circulating. The picture showed the damage that a Sunday and early Monday windstorm had caused to Transfiguration Church in East Buffalo. The roof and portions of the walls collapsed.

The church had fallen into disrepair over the years after the parish was shutdown in 1993. The former church building was sold in late 2017 to Daniel Britt who wanted to transform the building into a beer garden.

What does this damage mean for the the future of the site and what remains of the building?  I’m sure we are going to find out soon.

(Unaccredited Facebook photo showing damage to Transfiguration – 11/16/2020)
(Transfiguration Church in 2019 during Big Tent Revival: Photography Pop Up at Transfiguration Church by Buffalo Obscura)