Take these two surveys to help shape the Buffalo Central Terminal’s future

Are you interested in offering your input into the redevelopment of Central Terminal? You can participate by taking a couple of surveys available on Terminal’s redevelopment website. This is a great opportunity to have your voice be heard. An important part of the planning process is public input and engagement. The more heard from the community will help better shape the Central Terminal’s future.

You can access the surveys by clicking on the following link.


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One thought on “Take these two surveys to help shape the Buffalo Central Terminal’s future

  1. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME BUFFALONIANS! They are trying to play nice but it’s already decided. Please note, I am not some nay sayer but once burned and I do learn.

    When the first public attempts came up it was a good show with meetings, suggestions, post a notes etc. I along with 3 others attended all the meetings and we really had hoped it would make a difference. The crowds were large and clearly we had a vision, but it all went another way and we were IGNORED.

    When it all came to pass, the decisions were already made by the big business people and the politicians and our input meant NOTHING. Just another scam on the little people. They will do what is in their money pockets in the end so don’t waste your time or energy.
    Take it from someone who really wanted to see big things happen at the terminal and for the Broadway Fillmore area and for Amtrak travel. Now I could care less if they tore the place down.

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