Wardynski’s is producing the sausages served at Hofbräuhaus Buffalo

Wardynski’s (located in the neighborhood on Peckham Street) is producing the sausages served at Hofbräuhaus Buffalo. That’s great news. 🍻

From Hofbräuhaus Buffalo’s Facebook page:

“Our buddies at Wardynski’s traveled and met with the Hofbrauhaus people extensively, and were awarded the rights to produce the array of sausages and leberkase we’ll be serving at the Hofbrauhaus in Buffalo, and eventually at our gift shop to take home. We’re starting with the Nurnberger Pork Sausage, Grilled Chicken Bratwurst, Vienna Style Frankfurters, and even Grilled Sausage Loaf (Leberkasemmel). Our full menu will eventually include Weisswurst, of course. Anyway, these are sized to fit snugly in Costanzo’s hoagie buns and go great with Weber’s mustards.”