Want to ring the bells before Mass at Buffalo’s Corpus Christi Church?

Did you ever want to ring church bells by hand? Even if you never thought about it, would you like to? Corpus Christi Christi Church has an open invitation to people to come ring the bells at one of Polonia’s must beloved church. I rang them about 15 years ago. It’s a really cool experience.

From Corpus Christi Church’s bulletin:

The primary purpose of ringing the church bells in today’s world times is to remind worshipers to gather for a church service about to begin. In Christianity, the bell is said to represent the “voice of God”. Traditionally, they are used to not only call worshipers to the church for a communal service, but also to announce times of daily prayer.  Before modern communications, church bells were a common way to call the community together for all purposes, both sacred and secular.

Here at Corpus Christi Church we own three bells. The bell of Saint Anthony (1,500 lbs.) is our largest bell, the bell of Saint Francis (1,000 lbs.) and the smallest of Saint Hyacinth (750 lbs.) One of our loyal parishioners, Martin Ederer maintains our bells. We thank him for his efforts in our behalf.

We are offering to anyone interested, a special opportunity to ring one of our three bells, and call our parishioners to Mass. This happens 5 minutes before Mass. So if you are able to climb 2 flights of steps and would like to pull on the ropes, and become a members of our Bell Club, please see one of our ushers, or call the office at 716-896-1050.