Video and Photos: Corpus Christi’s organ receives some minor maintenance

Last week, the organ underwent some minor maintenance by Brad Wingert, with the tuning of some of the pipes. Much like a car, a musical instrument of this size needs to receive regular maintenance in order to ensure it works properly and plays in tune. The organ console is the place at which the organist plays the instrument. This cosmetic for musical equipment, before the feast of the Corpus Christ Sunday was prepared so that parishioners and visitors through music could experience the presence of God.

Since 2008, Brad Wingert has been on the music faculty at Niagara County Community College where he is currently serving as Interim Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs, and is an adjunct professor of music at Canisius College. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in music and music education from Niagara County Community College, Canisius College, and the University at Buffalo, and has been a church musician since 2001.

The organ at Corpus Christi has three keyboards (called manuals), and a pedalboard (keyboard played with the feet). The organ has 32 ranks of pipes. A rank is generally a set of pipes that have a unique sound and is activated by a stop. Some of the stops are imitative of orchestral instruments and produce sounds similar to that of a flute, trumpet, or strings. Other organ stops have unique sounds. The variety of sounds through these ranks allows the instrument to play anything from soft celestial music to majestic fanfares. The size of the pipes in each rank can vary from 16-feet tall to the size of pencil, the bigger the pipe the lower the sound, and vice versa.

The exceptional pipe organ at Corpus Christi Church is one of the only pipe organs in the Buffalo (199 Clark St.) area whose builder is of Polish heritage. The three manual 32 rank pipe organ dates to 1928. It was installed in a divided case by the A. Radziewicz Pipe Organ Company of Milburn, New Jersey. The casework of the instrument is made of chestnut wood The instrument had 2,014 pipes when it was installed, ranging in size from a half inch to twenty feet with most of the facade pipes actually speaking. We invite you to pray and sing together to the accompaniment of our unique organs.