Pierogi and Piwo Pairing at the Adam Mickiewicz Library & Dramatic Circle on March 7th

Something new at the Adam Mickiewicz Library & Dramatic Circle (AMLDC) this weekend is their Pierogi and Piwo Paring. The event runs from 5pm-8pm on Saturday, March 7th. It’s part of series of events in 2020 celebrating the AMLDC’s 125th Anniversary.

I caught up with Brian Marek, the pierogi maker for the event, for some insight into the pairing and the event.

BFA: What was the inspiration for the event?

BM: The Event was thought of by the 125th Anniversary Committee. Aniela Thant and Lisa Stoll have been doing a lot of the planning for events throughout the year leading up to the event at the end of September. Plus who doesn’t love beer and pierogi?

BFA: How many different types of pierogi will be paired?

BM: I’ll be making 4 different kinds of pierogi: Farmers Cheese, Bigos in Caraway Dough, Breakfast Sausage & Potato in a Maple Bacon Dough, and Raspberry Cheese in a Double Chocolate Dough.

The AMLDC is locate at 612 Fillmore Ave. in the heart of the neighborhood. It’s great place full of a lot of history.

More information can be found at the Facebook event page for the pairing.


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One thought on “Pierogi and Piwo Pairing at the Adam Mickiewicz Library & Dramatic Circle on March 7th

  1. Former Buffalonian (born on Houghton St. raised on Sweet Ave.) would LOVE to have a selection of the East Side`s pierogi — can you post a dozen or so to my home in England ?

    Fingers crossed Franek Fronckowiak

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