Video: Wardynski’s Meats Makes it to Netflix’s The Crown

Wardynski’s is a neighborhood treasure. While a lot of businesses have left or disappeared from the neighborhood over the years, Wardynski’s is still open for business on Peckham Street in the same place it’s been for 100 years.

I couldn’t help but love this story this story that popped into my newsfeed today.

From WGRZ:

For 100 years, Wardynski’s Meats has sat on Peckham Street in Buffalo, making it’s famous bologna, sausages, hot dogs and more.

They’ve also made some memorable jingles over the years, and owner Skip Wardynski recently got a phone call from England about one of of them.

“She called and said, look, we heard your jingle and we have to have it,” Wardynski told 2 On Your Side.

It was someone from Netflix who was working on the new season of the Crown, the critically acclaimed show about the life of Queen Elizabeth II. Being the businessman that his father and grandfather raised him to be, Skip naturally saw a potential opportunity.

Thanks to a royal discount, the jingle made it into the background of a scene in episode 4, where a journalist is making a call to London from America about a Prince Phillip story. It happens about 4 minutes into the episode. It’s pretty faint, so you might not be able to hear it unless you’re really listening for it.

Here’s three videos that give that tell the rest of the story.

Here’s to another 100 years for Wardynski’s!


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