‘Big Little Lies’ big on the Central Terminal and Flying Bison Beer

It pays to have people think of you when the see something related to Broadway-Fillmore or the Central Terminal.

I was at a concert on Sunday night at Mohawk Place. While there was an intermission between bands, I get a Facebook message from BFA friend Meagan Baco. She’s from Buffalo, but currently lives in D.C. area working for Preservation Maryland. Buffalo preservation is never far from her mind. Meagan sent me photo from a scene of this past Sunday’s episode of ‘Big Little Lies’ on HBO. I had to do a double take. There was a model of the Buffalo Central Terminal in the photo.

Photo from Meagan Baco

Fast forward to Monday, a number of people picked up on a bottle of Flying Bison’s 716 IPA and a poster of the Central Terminal in the scene as well.

There’s no word on how all of these things ended up on the show. Us crazy Buffalonians just eat this sort of thing up.

UPDATE: The Buffalo New posted a story about how Buffalo stuff ended up on show. Click here to view—>