Am-Pol Eagle: The Schupper House had its devotees in its day

By Gregory Witul – Over the last few years there has been a revolution in the brewing industry. Craft and micro brewers have been bringing back obscure and historic styles of beer like IPAs, imperial stouts, barley wines, and lambics. Because of this revival glassware has become more important and tulip, nonic, and pokal glasses are now available at your local Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond stores. The one glass you won’t find in stores is the stout chaliced schooner glass, also known as the schupper, and the namesake of the Schupper House at 224 Gibson St.

While a structure has been standing at 224 Gibson since before the turn of the 20th century, it didn’t become a drinking establishment until the start of Prohibition. It would be J. P. Pawlok that would transform the address into a major speakeasy.

When he was raided in August of 1925, over 40 kegs of beer were found on the premises and cost Pawlok $1,000 to be released on bail. Pawlok would be fined $150 five months later when he was found with another quart of beer. By 1932 JP gave up 224, selling it to Jakob A. Chlebowy.

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224 Gibson Street