Photos: First Holy Communion at Corpus Christi Church

Thank you to Father Michał Czyżewski, Pastor of Corpus Christi Church, for passing these photos along. It’s wonderful that this and other churches in the neighborhood are attracting people from new immigrant communities in Buffalo. It’s like history repeating itself. Congratulations to Divine and the entire Mutuyimana family on her First Holy Communion.

From Corpus Christi Church:

Divine Sara Mutuyimana received her First Holy Communion at Corpus Christi Church in Buffalo. Divine, 10, years was born in Congo- Africa. Her family are refugees who made Buffalo their new home in 2015.

Before the Mass began, Divine received a special blessing from our parents. During the liturgy, her sisters showed their support by proclaiming the Word of God.

Her parents, siblings, grandmother and friends participated and supported her during the Mass.

The First Holy Communion is a very precious moment in a child’s life, and also for their family and Parish Community. The day before her First Eucharist, Divine participated in the Sacrament of Penance. She is currently attending a Catholic School, Our Lady of Black Rock where she prepared for this special day.

On behalf the Parishioners of Corpus Christi Church we would like to wish Divine, Congratulations! We pray that you will forever be blessed as you continue to trust in God and grow in His grace.

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