The Diocese of Buffalo’s Bishop Richard Malone moving to former Saint Stan’s convent

From the things you never expect to read about department, Buffalo Diocese Bishop Richard Malone will be making the former convent at Saint Stan’s his home. Wow.

From WNY Catholic:

“Bishop Richard J. Malone announced that the Bishop’s Residence at 77 Oakland Place, Buffalo, will be placed on the market this summer and all proceeds from the sale of the property will be dedicated to the Diocese of Buffalo’s Independent Reconciliation & Compensation Program to assist victims of past sexual abuse by priests.

“This move underscores the importance we place on helping the victims of abuse to begin healing,” said Bishop Malone, noting that he consulted with the diocesan Finance Council, College of Consultors and the Presbyteral Council in making this decision.

The former convent at St. Stanislaus Parish on Townsend Street in Buffalo, will now serve as the Bishop’s Residence and as a venue for small events. “I am proud to move to the heart of Buffalo’s Polonia, especially as a way to be a small part of the renewal that is happening in so many ways in the Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood.”

The Diocese of Buffalo will also be selling the Sheehan Residence for retired priests on Linwood Avenue, Buffalo. Proceeds from the sale of that property will be devoted to the Retired Diocesan Priests’ Medical Benefits Fund. The three-story brick building at Linwood & Utica was originally built in 1928 as the rectory for what was then St. Joseph Cathedral on Delaware Avenue. The “New Cathedral” as it was known was demolished in the 1970’s and the former rectory has been used ever since as a residence for retired priests. The building features 12 suite-style units. There are three other diocesan residences for retired priests which can accommodate those now living at the Sheehan residence.

The Bishop’s Residence, also built in 1928, was designed by architect E.B. Green for the Forman family. The property was sold to the Diocese of Buffalo in 1952 and has been the residence for six of Buffalo’s bishops as well as priests serving on their staffs. The grand Tudor manor house features four massive stone chimneys, slate roof and a separate apartment above the five-car garage.

For more information on either property, contact Steve Roth at the Diocese of Buffalo Division of Buildings & Properties at (716) 847-8750.”

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5 thoughts on “The Diocese of Buffalo’s Bishop Richard Malone moving to former Saint Stan’s convent

  1. So, is this Bishop moving into this pictured Zawadzki designed building that faces both Fillmore and Wilson St. or is he moving into a building on Townsend St., as the press release states?

  2. The Bishop and the consolidation effort to close and desanctify churches and schools across the region, harms the region. There was little thought to the economic results, outside of keeping the Bishop in his digs off the Elmwood strip. Now when the situation grows even worse, now Malone and his ‘secretaries’ claim they will move? City Counselmen are required to live inside their district, Dave Fronczak does not live in his blot on Filmore Avenue, so what makes anybody think Malone will sleep on the Eastside? Bishop Malone needs to sell the traditional residence (worth a million or two) and spend the money on St. Ann’s, before he is replaced. His time here is limited. He needs to sell the property off Elmwood and stop ‘paying the victims’ that are wrongly accusing Fr. Roy Herberger. There has been a call to sell the Bishops overly large digs and save St Ann’s for years. We need a new Bishop, this one pays off his critics accuser with St Ann dollars…..

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