Photos and Winners of the 10th Annual Buffalo’s Best Pierogi Contest

Out of all the different things I do in the neighborhood each year, the Buffalo’s Best Pierogi Contest is probably my favorite. There is no better way to celebrate the culture and history of neighborhood than with food. We all have stories about how incredible of moms and babcias food was. As with many cultures, Polish food is central to cultural identity. It is part of celebrations, part of family traditions and part of who we are. A wonderful part of this identity is that we all have recipes which were passed down to us through our families. I like to think the pierogi contest is a celebration of that. Corpus Christi Church is a wonderful place to hold such an event because it is also part of the shared history and experience of Buffalo’s Polonia.

People exhibit a lot of pride in the pierogi they create. The contest let’s them share their pride with the rest of us.

The winners…

Traditional Pierogi
First Place – Donna Darling, Sauerkraut
Second Place – Amy Holdnak, Kapusta
Third Place – Christine Wilson, Cheese

Non Traditional Pierogi
First Place – Sophia Wagner, Stuffed Banana Pepper
Second Place – Sharon Kozek, Buffalo Chicken

Dessert Pierogi
First Place – Paula Sepanik, Chocolate
Second Place – Michaela Kozek, Apple Pie

Photos: (click on images for full view)